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I am a British aerospace engineer and photographer, currently living in St Albert, near Edmonton, Alberta.  Myself and my family moved to Canada in 2007 after retiring from the Royal Air Force following 25+ years of service.

While fast jets will never be far from my mind, photography is a passion and my ultimate goal is to transition to this art form full-time over the next few years.

I love doing landscapes and urban scenes but I also enjoy the thrill of interacting with people and trying to capture the very essence of their personality through portraiture.

Inspirational photographers? Lord Snowdon, Steve McCurry, and Annie Leibovitz!

Welcome to my humble website!

The human eye is the most remarkable object, capable of capturing complex, amazing and stunning images with exquisite fidelity, dynamic range, vibrancy and drama.  The challenge with photography is that, despite technological advances, man is still a long way from being able to replicate the full functionality of the eye and all photographic images represent a compromise to a greater or lesser degree. Regardless, photography is a means of capturing life's moments and holding them for posterity, telling stories from generation to generation; it is a means of passing history across hundreds of years so that mankind can understand what went before and how it compares with today.

With the proliferation of affordable digital cameras and cellphone cameras, it would be easy to argue that the photography business is under threat, obsolescent.  However, while technology provides access to better quality images, they are only as good as the person framing them.  It is not until we embark upon a photographic journey that we truly start to see and appreciate the beautiful results of evolution, nature, and man's ingenuity.  The camera is a tool that teaches us how to see, how to pay attention to detail, how to appreciate differing perspectives; the more you use a camera, the more you see in everyday life, and the more you acknowledge the little things.

I am still learning, but it is a journey I want to take with others, step by step, to capture those fleeting moments that may never happen again.  My website is a means to provide you with just a small insight in to what I see.  As with most aspects of our lives, it remains 'work in progress' but I hope you will find something inside that makes you want to hit the contact page, if only just to say, "Hello....."


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