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Ansel Who?…………..

Had a couple of trips to Jasper in March and, rather than post the usual landscapes I thought I would try my hand at B&W landscapes.  I’m aware that Ansel Adams had this market pretty much sewn up but I’m sure there’s room for some competition!

Arty Farty Time!

As the Albertan winter starts to set in, a photographer’s activity sometimes turns to the review and editing of images not properly recognized during the working year.  I have been lucky to visit Vienna for other business on two occasions this year but have had very little time to capture such a gorgeous city.  The image below was taken in front of Karlskirche; the backdrop was just itching for an unwitting cyclist to enter the frame and be captured for posterity!  Et voila!  Please enjoy responsibly!

Frozen Fingers Fotographie……..

This post serves to officially announce the arrival of Fall and with it, the arrival of colder temperatures! I’m absolutely hopeless with gloves and so am facing roughly 6 months of frostbite when trying to photograph outdoors, which is often.  My cameras usually handle -30C quite well making my digits the weak link in the whole process but, hey ho, it’s all for my art!

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