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Self Portraits!

One of the most unnerving and difficult tasks for a photographer is that of capturing their own image. Photographers stay behind the camera for a reason; it’s safe and comfortable there. Anyhow, recognizing that this genre is something that I need to practice, I seized a recent opportunity to give it a go. There was a rare moment in Vancouver that I actually had time on my hands, plus there was a rather interesting chair in my hotel room………..!

Moose Buy A Long Lens!

So there I was, minding my own business driving along Maligne Lake Road, Jasper, when a young moose stepped out into the road ahead of me! My immediate thought was to stop the car to give the moose some space; my second thought was “Holy Moly, I still haven’t invested in a long lens!”

By my side was a Canon 6D with a 35mm f1.4 fitted and an Olympus OM-D EM-1 with a 12-40mm (24-80mm full frame equivalent) attached; neither are ideal for getting up close and personal with what are, generally grumpy creatures who can cause you a lot of damage!

Anyway, while I was considering the dilemma, teen moose decided to come and have a look at me!

Not only that but Mama Moose also made an appearance and stood directly in front of the car while teen had a good look and sniff around. It was a 10 minute stalemate before Mama brushed along the side of the car and I was able to creep slowly forward without causing any panic. The true moral of the story is that these images of teen and Mama were actually taken on my iPhone 6S! So much for the $7000 worth of gear sitting beside me!

Road Trip!

This will be tomorrow’s view as I head towards Jasper for a few days of contemplation and photography!

Hoping to explore a few areas and create some fantabulous images………,,

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